How I Made This Site

I have been trying to make a website for 5 years now, but have constantly gotten distracted by the fact 90% of my programming knowledge is self taught and I've had to spend more time learning than doing. Finally, after having a job in the software industry for a year and getting exposed to a product changing to a web stack I've had the base to go on my own. The first full web stack I was exposed to was using ASP.NET for the web server; however, I have never not run a server that was *nix based, so this proved to be a problem unless I wanted to resort to the watered down (but getting better), open source alternative, mono. Through my years of learning to program by Google I've seen and tried plenty of languages and starting at the time I did, saw Ruby on Rails thrown around plenty, but always was under the impression that it was just a fad. Needless to say, when I finally came around to web development several years later looking for an alternative to ASP.NET on *nix based server... Read more